Different Types of Training at the Gym in Malleswaram

Working out at a gym in Malleswaram is no more an option. It has literally become a lifestyle. Given the kind of sedentary lifestyle people are leading today, it has become very necessary for them to shed some sweat at the gym and compensate for the damage they do to their body and mind. The gyms too help their members to shun their unhealthy lifestyle and adopt one that helps in restoring their physical and mental well being.

The best clubs in Bangalore offer many training programs to their members to make sure that they stay healthy and fit. There are weight loss programmes, yoga, aerobics, strength programs, cardio, and whatnot. Plus, there are many new fitness trends emerging with each passing day that are being adopted by the fitness clubs in Bangalore.

best gym in bangalore

So, now, if you are all set to embrace a sound mind, body, and soul, you must first understand the different kinds of training at gyms.

Here they are:

  • Circuit training

One of the most common training programmes that every fitness trainer swears by is circuit training. It is basically a high-intensity workout. It includes strength training, as well as aerobic training. It can be with or even without equipment.

Circuit training helps in building strength, as well as muscle endurance. The entire workout session is divided into time sections with very little or no rest in between the sets. The entire programme keeps you on your heart rate zone’s higher end.

It is considered an ideal training method for the people who intend to lose weight but could not invest too much time in the gym. It is also apt for the gym goes who want total body workout, as well as toning, for overall fitness. Circuit training is known to offer the best results in less time. And, hence, it is one of the most popular training programmes.

  • Aerobic Training

Aerobic training is basically cardio training. As the name says, this kind of training at Social clubs in Bangalore target the heart and aims at maintaining sound heart health and regulating heart-related systems.

Precisely, the training helps in maintaining the heart, as well as lungs. It regulates the heart rates, cardiac muscles, and proper functioning of the entire cardiac system. It enhances cardiovascular endurance and also open the gaps in the heart rate zones.

Aerobic training is associated with swimming, running, biking, step class, and many other cardio-based exercises.

So, if your aim behind joining a gym at Malleswaram is losing weight or preparing yourself for marathons or other athletic activities, aerobic training should be your choice of training as it improves performance, as well as endurance. It is also indicated in those who want to bring down the risk of chronic issues like heart disease, diabetes, or obesity.

  • Strength Training

Strength training intends to improve strength and hence, entails heavy weightlifting. It helps in improving muscle strength and endurance.

It is generally started with lighter weight and you can gradually move to a heavier weight. The entire program incorporates many exercises targeting various muscle groups.

If you are hitting the best gym in Bangalore to gain muscle mass, you must focus on strength training.

  • Flexibility Training

Sadly, flexibility training has never enjoyed the kind of attention it deserves but this surely doesn’t make it less important. It is indeed one of the most important kinds of training programmes that every gym-goer must try.

It helps in improving flexibility. The programme includes corrective exercises, head-to-toe movements, and stretching, both dynamic, as well as static.

Strength training amazingly increases range of motion, mobility, flexibility, and balance. It also helps in improving postures. With so many benefits, it would not be wrong to say that everyone should indulge in this kind of training as it indirectly improves other kinds of training and accelerates their results.

  • Heart rate training

Heart rate training or HR training programme is curated for every individual as per their needs and personal zones. The training focuses on different zones like cardiovascular endurance, fat burn, peak performance, as well as recovery.

It is considered as the all-round training programme as it helps in increasing endurance, as well as sustainability in the workout by letting you peak and recover as per the capabilities of your body. A test is performed to identify the training zones.

Heart rate training is perfect for anyone and everyone. Whether you are preparing yourself for endurance races such as marathons or any specific sport, or you are on medications that interfere with your heart rate, you can indulge in heart rate training.

Before joining the membership clubs in bangalore, identify your target and plan a training program that best suits your needs and your body to get optimum result from your training.


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